Here is the good news: there’s no wrong option here! All of our postpartum recovery kits come jam-packed with postpartum care items any new mama will love regardless of her birth story. Each product can be used in one way or another, regardless of a vaginal or cesarean delivery. We recommend gifting the V-postpartum recovery kit or the E-GIFT CARD. If your mama-to-be has a scheduled C-section on the books, then we recommend gifting the C-recovery kit. Another great option is to order the same day mama delivers and we’ll ensure her specific MAMMA BOX is waiting at home when she returns from the hospital. We ship fast!

You order. We ship. Anywhere in Bulgaria. While most MAMMA BOX orders are processed same-day and take 2-3 business days to arrive, please allow extra days for local holidays, weekends, and sale time. For special deliveries, please email hello@mammabox.eu and we’ll make it happen. Promise.
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Best: the day the baby arrives

Good: Anytime before baby arrives

For a baby shower gift: 1 week before the shower

We are so glad you asked. We’ve spent nearly two years, vetting hundreds of postpartum care items. We sampled nearly every peri-rinse bottle on the market, tested out hundreds of maternity pads, sprayed perineal sprays on our faces (for crying out loud), and sampled mesh panty after mesh panty, just to give you an idea. Each product is held to standards beyond just look and feel.  We are focused on design and functionality, cleanliness, and clean ingredients. Furthermore, we examine each brand’s overall purpose and mission to ensure it aligns with ours. We source products made for mamas by other mamas whenever we can. Whenever possible, MAMMA BOX products are organic, pesticide-free, cruelty-free, always safe for both mama and baby. We also believe strongly in supporting female-led companies. So thanks for supporting ours.

The MAMMA BOX tribe runs deep. We love to see OBGYN offices, doulas, bosses supporting new mothers, and stoller-striding mom groups gifting MAMMA BOX. Send us a note at hello@mammabox.eu and include Bulk Order in your subject line. Or call us at +359 (0) 88 7777 681  and we’ll get you squared away.

We’d love to discover exciting new brands and products – we will be happy to hear from you. Send us an Email to info@mammabox.eu and we will get back to you.

We are a start-up company and we will be happy to talk to various bloggers and/or influencers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in cooperation. Send us an email at info@mammabox.eu and we will contact you!

Still have a question? Send us an Email to: hello@mammabox.eu